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Tuesday, 18 January 2011 00:00


  1. B. Wendler, I. Progalskiy, J. Dora, C. Siemers, W. Pawlak, A. Rylski, M. Makówka, P. Nolbrzak, K. Włodarczyk: Generation of high density impulse plasma for cleaning substrates and coatings deposition. Patent application No. P-391523 submitted to the  Polish Patent Office 15.06.2010.
  2. W. Pawlak, B. Wendler,   R.  Atraszkiewicz,   P.  Nolbrzak, K. Włodarczyk, M. Makówka: Synthesis of low friction coating with improved adhesion to steel and cast iron substrates?. Patent application No. P-392508 submitted to the Polish Patent Office 27.09.2010.
  3. B. Wendler, Ł. Kaczmarek, M. Jachowicz, A. Rylski, W. Pawlak: Protective coating for articles made from metal alloys, especially for articles made from titanium-aluminium alloys.   Polish Patent P-370053 (2009).
  4. B. Wendler and K. Jakubowski: Method of Deposition of Hard Coatings onto any Solid Substrate. Patent PL-170157 B1 (1996).
  5. B. Wendler, K. Jakubowski, Z. Has: Method of Creation of Hard Coatings on Steel Articles. Patent PL-167632 B1 (1995).
  6. B. Wendler, Z. Has: Apparatus for Deposition of Thin Ceramic and/or Metallic Layers onto any Solid. Patent PL-143823 (1989).
  7. Z. Has, S. Mitura and B. Wendler: Method of Deposition of Diamondlike Carbon Layers onto any Solid, in particular onto Glass, Quartz, Semiconductors and Metals?. Patent PL-135759 (1989).
  8. B. Wendler, Z. Has and S. Mitura: Method of Creation of Thin Ceramic and/or Metallic Layers and Apparatus for Deposition of Thin Ceramic and/or Metallic Layers onto any Solid. Patent PL-135130 (1988).
  9. B. Wendler, Z. Has, S. Mitura.: Method of Adhesion Betterment of Plastics with low Adhesion Coefficient. Patent PL-133772 (1988).
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